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Specialist Medicos need Specialist Advice


The medical profession has developed specialist areas to be able to provide the very best outcomes for patients.  This is because the specialist practitioner is able to focus on a specific area of medicine and gain a deeper level of knowledge and expertise in that area.

For over 20 years, Cooper Reeves has developed their expertise in working with medical and health practitioners, providing meaningful insight and effective solutions unique to the healthcare profession.

We understand that as a medical professional your primary focus is the welfare of your patients (as it should be).  As your trusted advisor our primary focus is to create, maximise and protect your wealth.

At Cooper Reeves, we do this by establishing long-lasting relationships based on an in-depth understanding of your business and personal goals.

Our approach is multi-faceted and tailored – focusing on core drivers such as patient experience, financial optimisation, growth strategies and risk management.

We work with you to:

  • streamline medical and business processes (with innovative medical specific and cloud based solutions)
  • achieve business results and personal goals
  • establish robust structures that legally minimise tax
  • ensure your assets and income streams are protected

We have proven experience working with practice management software providers, medico cloud solution experts and medico employment specialists. We understand practices at all levels – from the daily billing process through to your long term vision.

To quote one of our medical clients:

“Switching to Cooper Reeves has been a revelation.  Cooper Reeves provide balanced expert advice with a high level of attention to detail.  Most importantly though they are true to their word, and for me this is everything.”

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